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Ronco Inspections

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Our Fees

                  The fees for home inspections vary depending on the house‚Äôs square footage. 



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2,000 sq. ft. or less
2,001-2,500 sq. ft.
2,501-3,000 sq. ft.
3,001-3,500 sq. ft.
3,501-4,000 sq. ft.


4,001-4,500 sq. ft.
4,501-5000 sq. ft.
Over 5000 sq. ft.
10 cents/ sq. ft.
Swimming Pool
Sprinkler System
Infrared Scanning*
Home Energy Report**
$25 w/ inspection

** The Home Energy Report will give the homeowner an understanding of:

  • How much the home costs to operate
  • Where energy is being wasted in the home; and
  • What can be done to save energy and increase comfort.

* Infrared scannings help show areas of potential damages such as:

  • Missing insulation 
  • Over heating breakers
  • Moisture under flooring